HoTEL Fior d'Aliza


HOTEL Fior d'Aliza


We are deeply committed to preserving our environment while ensuring your comfort. We believe that each action counts, which is why we have taken concrete steps to reduce our ecological footprint and promote a more sustainable future.

Our commitment to the environment is recognized by European Ecolabel certification, attesting to our eco-responsible approach and our constant desire to innovate for sustainable tourism.


Energy reduction

We take the fight against climate change seriously by consuming less energy.

For example, we maintain the temperature range of our heating and air conditioning systems between 19 and 24 degrees, optimising their energy efficiency.


Water consumption

Water is a precious resource, and we strive to preserve it.

To this end, we reduce our water consumption by only changing linen on demand. In this way, we can save thousands of liters of water every year, helping to protect our planet.


Waste management

We are also committed to reducing our waste.

We have implemented a waste sorting system, even in our rooms, to minimize our impact on the environment. We believe in our collective responsibility to reduce waste and preserve our beautiful planet.


Awareness - Sustainable Purchasing

We raise awareness of environmental issues among our staff and partners, encouraging them to adopt more sustainable practices and make informed decisions to reduce our ecological footprint.

In addition, we promote responsible purchasing by choosing suppliers and products that respect the environment. This enables us to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and support ethical business practices.

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